Following the Call

New Church in Indianapolis Making Connections with Community


In 2014, Ben Wangler came to a turning point in his ministry. After pastoring a Chicago-area church for five years, he felt frustration with his church’s lack of reaching the lost and realized he could not grow anymore in his current position. He and his wife, Holly, began praying about where God would lead their family next. “Our desire to plant a church came from a season of brokenness and questions,” he says.

Sensing they were being led to church planting, they contacted Nirup Alphonse, pastor of LifeGate Church, who attended college with Holly. He connected them with Jay Nickless from Pine Hills Church, who helped target a location in Indianapolis near the Broad Ripple area, and coached them through the church planting process.

The Well focuses on “inspiring those far from God to follow.” The name came out of the idea that a church goes both deep and wide.

“We’re missional and attractional. We’re bringing people in and sending them out to serve.”

They’ve rounded up a launch team of people and set a projected date of March 19 for the first Sunday. Through barbecues and neighborhood events, Ben hopes their efforts to connect with others will pay off in changed lives.

Pray that God will bring people who are excited about the mission of The Well. If you know of families in the area, please let Ben know. The Well also needs to reach their year-end financial goal of finding 20 churches to invest $5,000 and 20 people to give $1,000. Pray God will meet this need. To connect with The Well, visit