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Fellowship News

Grimwoods Begin Church Planting by “Taking the next step”

In 2015, Greg Grimwood left his job as a pastor, tired and burned out. He and his wife, Cara, moved their family to Wooster, Ohio, Greg’s hometown. There, he began seeking God, and he discovered [...]

Helping Pastors Achieve Financial Health

“90% of pastors in America today don’t bring home a paycheck big enough to meet their family’s financial needs,” according to Lilly Endowment research. The organization’s research also found that pastors across America face financial [...]

LifeChange Camp Specializes in Life Change

This summer, hundreds of young people will fill LifeChange Camp, which covers 80 acres of Ozark land, with laughter, songs, and life-changing experiences. Many of them will make the life-changing decision to follow Jesus while [...]