Establishing reproducing Churches worldwide

Fellowship News

Radical Generosity Changes Lives in Adrian, Michigan

Lead with generosity. Follow with faithful stewardship. That’s the message Caleb Barrows and Nate Hamblin, pastors of Neighborhood Church, are teaching their congregation in Adrian, Michigan. Some might think that would be a tough sell [...]

Podcasts Provide Firm Foundations

FEC churches are known for strong, Bible-based teaching. Today this training is easier to access than ever before. That’s because Firm Foundations, FEC’s weekly radio outreach, is now available on your favorite podcast platform. Hosted [...]

No “One Size Fits All”

“Why is FEC planting churches?” That was the question a friend asked me recently. He quickly followed up that question with a second: “What’s your method?” My answer to the first question was pretty simple: [...]

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