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Fellowship News

New Church Leaders Discover FEC

Twice a year the Fellowship of Evangelical Churches (FEC) welcomes new churches and church leaders into the fellowship. This spring, 23 church leaders came together at Grace Church, Morton, Illinois, to learn about FEC history, mission, doctrine, and resources at [...]

FEC Leaders Visit Spain’s Basque Region

The Basque people share a rich cultural history and a unique language. Their beloved homeland, known as the Basque region, covers an area stretching from northern Spain to southern France. FEC has been praying for [...]

Grace Church Launches Pastoral Residency

When Caleb McClarren graduated from college, he accepted a residency with a church in the Detroit, Michigan, area. During his time as a resident at Cornerstone Baptist Church, Roseville, he became a more experienced pastor. [...]

Fort Wayne Area Worship Teams Build Unity

In March, 9 Fort Wayne area worship teams from various churches met to foster a community of worship that transcends each individual church. They began meeting last year after Tyler Nickols of Brookside Church and [...]