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A Seminary Study Just Became Affordable and Reachable Through FEC’s New Certificate Program

When Tom Bennardo worked toward his master’s degree (Master of Divinity) decades ago, few options were available. He, like many men and women who were called to the ministry, left their current ministry positions or [...]

Still ON MISSION after 153 Years

Even though FEC history stretches back 153 years, five years ago its leaders redefined their purpose and rebranded their image. That process began almost seven years ago, when Rocky Rocholl took the president’s seat. He [...]

Drugs Enforcer Turns Drug Offenders into Warriors for Christ

Mitch Nedrow, the lead drug detective for Harvey County, Kansas, spends his days working with drug offenders and gang members. Then, two evenings each week, he runs Warriors for Christ, an intense fitness training class [...]