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Pastors Find Rest & Renewal at Miracle Camp

When a pastor feels depleted or discouraged, who does he turn to? Who pastors the pastor? In his book, Dangerous Calling: Confronting the Unique Challenges of Pastoral Ministry (2012), Paul Tripp addresses the serious problems [...]

Bringing the Gospel to Rural Illinois

When you leave the interstate and drive through rural America, small towns dot the landscape. In most of them, small churches, schools, and grain elevators and silos anchor the town. Behind the Norman Rockwell facade [...]

Fort Wayne Area Families Host Basque Students

“Kaixo!”  means, “Hello,” in the Basque language. Last June, six families in the Fort Wayne area said, “Kaixo,” to six Basque students and hosted them in their homes for three weeks through the Kaixo USA [...]