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“I always saw myself as a pastor of an established church—never as a planting pastor.” Dan Mays and his wife Lauren grew up in the small town of Flanagan, Illinois, but they never would have imagined moving back to their hometown to plant a church. Dan’s eyes were opened to the desperate spiritual need of Flanagan, and he was deeply moved to take action.

Flanagan is home to approximately 1,100 people and Flanagan Community Church (FCC) has been averaging 60-70 people in weekly attendance. The planting church, Salem Church, is located 5 miles from Flanagan Community Church and has been instrumental in helping FCC have a strong beginning. FCC launched on January 29, 2017, and Dan states that they are aiming to start small with a couple facets of ministry in order to do those things well. Currently, FCC is focused primarily on Sunday morning services, and Dan and Lauren are seeking to become more involved within the community—specifically within the school system which is the center of the community. Dan hopes to get small groups up and running within the next couple months.

Dan has been encouraged by the response from the community of Flanagan regarding the FCC church plant. People from the community are interested in and are seeking to investigate what FCC is all about. “Our mission is to see Flanagan renewed, and it’s been awesome to see people seeking to know God more and to better understand the Word of God,” Dan states, “They really want to know God for themselves.”

Flanagan Community Church is so thankful to both Salem Church and FEC for helping their church become a reality. For more information and updates on how FCC is doing, please visit their Facebook page.