Session 1 –  Ministering to our Neighbors

Speaker: Jeff Klein

Ever wish you could open up a meaningful dialogue with your neighbor about Christ? Have no idea how to start? You’re not alone. According to Jeff Klein, most Christians struggle with how to interact with non- Christians, and for good reason. We live in a culture that is increasingly hostile to the faith. And yet, Jesus operated quite naturally among non-believers, and we can, too. By applying nine spiritual arts as outlined by the ministry Q Place, you can create authentic relationships with friends and neighbors, relationships that naturally incorporate faith conversations.


Session 2 – Ministering to Nationals

Speaker: Finn Torjesen

If anyone knows about equipping nationals to do Kingdom work, it’s Finn Torjesen. He is the founder of Evergreen, a ministry that equips Chinese nationals to make a difference in their country, both economically and spiritually. Outreach includes everything from medicine, rehabilitation, and public health services to agricultural projects and economic development.


Evening Service – Ministering to Muslims

Speaker: Tass Saada

As early as the year 2000, Tass and his wife Karen have been working to reconcile Arabs, Jews, and Christians through Jesus Christ, first in the United States and now in the Gaza Strip through Seeds of Hope, a non-government humanitarian aid organization in Jericho and Jerusalem. Through humanitarian aid, education, economic development, and cultural exchange, Seeds of Hope has attained a surprising level of favor with the local authorities in the West Bank. This kind of success is unheard of in an environment that is typically hostile to the Gospel, both in the Muslim and Jewish community. “We received the favor by serving ALL people groups, regardless of religious denomination or affiliation. By showing this kind of love, we have seen many Muslims receive Jesus,” says Tass.


FEC Business Meeting

Speakers: Rocky Rocholl & Roger Andrews

FEC President, Rocky Rocholl and Board Chairman, Roger Andrews, will be leading the 2016 FEC Business Meeting. This will be an exciting and educational opportunity to behold the direction our denomination is headed in.