Can I manage my own credit card giving online?
Yes; in order to make an online donation through FEC’s giving page, a username and password are created. To login and access your profile, please click here. Once you login you can make any of the necessary changes.

Are there any fees when I give by credit card?
Yes, the credit card company takes between 4 to 4.5% of every credit card contribution; however, the FEC Office covers those fees such that your desired recipient receives the full donated amount.

Is there any difference between using my credit card, debit card or electronic check?
No, all three ways of giving have the same fee. To give online without any fees, set up an online bill pay through your bank.

I would like a change to my credit card contribution – how do I do that?
Simply log in to your online account to view and edit your contribution. If you do not have an account, please call the Administrative Department at (260) 423-3649 and we would be happy to make your changes for you over the phone.

I can’t find my missionary’s name listed – how do I make sure my gift gets to them?
Some of our missionaries work in sensitive areas of the world, so their full names are not listed. You may contact FEC’s Administrative Department for further information by emailing or calling (260) 423-3649.