This past November, the annual fall quiz off was held at Miracle Camp & Retreat Center.  Congratulations to all of our FEC quizzers and quiz teams!  We’re proud of all of your hard work, dedication and growth.  A special congratulations to Berne Evangelical Church’s team for being this year’s top team!

Listed below are some of the key results.

Top 10 JR. HIGH Quizzers:
1. Micah McClure, Berne
2. Hannah Albrecht, Grace
3.(tie) Becca Saxsma, Grace
4.(tie) Macy Schmidtgall, Grace
5. Hailee Richmond, Grace
6. Aaron Fulda, Upland
7. Philip Ritchie, Upland
8. Eli McNally, Grace
9. Brooklyn Bixler, Berne
10.(tie) Savanna Carey, Grace
10.(tie) Kenzie Hyde, Pine Hills
10. (tie) Julie Weeks, Grace

Top JR. HIGH Quizzer from each church:
Archbold – Stephen Diller
Berne – Micah McClure
Cornerstone – Ada Keedy
Grace – Hannah Albrecht
Lawton – Eli Esseltine
Pine Hills – Kenzie Hyde
Upland – Aaron Fulda

Top 2 JR. High Teams
#1 – Berne: Brooklyn Bixler, Micah McClure, Macy McClure, Sydney Stauffer
#2 – Grace 3: Hannah Albrecht, Iris Kaufman, Micah Cosby, Savanna Carey

Top 10 SR. HIGH Quizzers:
1. (tie) Seth Metcalfe, Eureka
1. (tie) Kayci Riddle, Grace
1. (tie) Christopher Mervar, Highland Gospel
4. Beth Litwiller, Dewey
5. (tie) Mya McClure, Berne
5. (tie) Isabel Hernandez, Upland
7. Alicia Moser, Pine Hills
8. Lily Wegner, Eureka
9. Madelyn Jager, Oak Bend
10. (tie) Meredith Schumacher, Highland Gospel
10. (tie) Daria Hudak, Mission Church

Top SR. HIGH Quizzer from each church:
Archbold – Kaiden Keiser
Berne – Mya McClure
Cornerstone – Jonathan Kunz
Dewey – Beth Litwiller
Eureka – Seth Metcalfe
Grace -Kayci Riddle
Highland Gospel – Christopher Mervar
Lawton – Katie Rozeboom & Ramsay Smith (TIE)
Living Hope – Grace Lessen
Mission Church – Daria Hudak
Oak Bend – Madelyn Jager
Pine Hills – Alicia Moser
Upland – Isabel Hernandez

Top 2 SR. High Teams
#1 – Berne: Becky Larrabee, Mya McClure, Jessie Myers
#2 – Highland Gospel: