Next year, two church planters will start the process of launching new churches in two new communities. But, these planters, Caleb Barrows and Tanner Smith, along with their sending churches and their coach, Jay Nickless, have been working behind the scenes for months going through an assessment, coaching, and a process that FEC developed called Target Analysis Process (TAP). All of these tools help ensure that each church plant has “the right person, with the right plan, in the right place” (Jay Nickless, FEC Church Planting Field Coordinator).

Based on Jesus’s words, “Open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest” (John 4:35 NIV), TAP helps the planter discover where God is already at work drawing people to Himself. Over the past year, both Smith and Barrows have put together a TAP team to explore locations for planting. They each recruited 8-12 people who were committed to prayer and to the process. After gathering extensive data about each location and participating in community activities, the team determined the target community for a church.

In December, both Smith and Barrows will present their TAP team’s decision to a panel for affirmation. Then they will begin putting together their launch teams. Through TAP, church planters have seen where God is at work. That connection will ensure greater success.