In 2012, Grace Crossing, Moundridge, Kansas, was launched with a vision to reach people who were disconnected to church. That passion fuels the ministry of Grace Crossing, and it motivates Pastor Jason Rains to reach out to people who might not come to his church. That motivation inspired him to launch JR Coaching in 2017, a life coaching business to help individuals and business leaders navigate life and conflict. In January, Jason released a new book, Get a Grip: Because Your Life Matters, which combines his life coaching advice and practical wisdom.

Get a Grip addresses people who are struggling with life. Each chapter helps the reader assess an important area of life, like relational health or work dynamics. Although Jason wrote the book for an audience who isn’t familiar with the Bible, most of the advice he gives is rooted in scriptural principles. For instance, chapter three teaches readers how to guard their hearts, a truth from Proverbs, and chapter five teaches principle of gratitude. Chapter ten offers a clear presentation of the gospel for the reader who wants to know what motivates Jason’s life and purpose.

To find Get a Grip, search Jason Rains on or on Facebook at “JR Coaching.”