When LifeChange Camp in Clinton, Missouri, hosted the African Children’s Choir in August, they provided more than just a choir performance from the world-famous group. Their visit also provided a rest for the choir members at the FEC facility and a reunion for camp staff member Kristine Detweiler.

The choir began 30 years ago in war-torn Uganda, a civil war that had left many children orphaned and homeless. Since then, members have traveled in North America and the United Kingdom, entertaining and raising support for their educational program. This year, the choir is comprised of 16 children, ages 7-11, and accompanied by adult leaders and chaperones. While in the United States, the choir was able to rest from touring and enjoy LifeChange Camp for a week.

During their time at the camp, the choir leaders reunited with their former teacher and part-time tour coordinator Kristine Detweiler, who works full-time at LifeChange Camp. In 2004, Kristine accompanied the choir on their tour as their teacher. Then, she moved to Uganda for 5 years, teaching in the training center’s primary school. She still works from her base in Clinton as their volunteer coordinator and educational overseer. During their visit, Kristine, who loves to cook, made several favorite Ugandan dishes for the choir.

On August 28, the choir performed for a Clinton, Missouri, crowd, introducing new fans to their energetic performance and sponsorship opportunities.