Finn Torjesen, Longtime Chinese Missionary, Shares About Ministry in Partnership with Local Christians

Finn Torjesen, long-term missionary to China and speaker at Behold 2016If anyone knows about equipping nationals to do Kingdom work, it’s Finn Torjesen. Grandson of Chinese missionary and martyr Peter Torjesen, Finn is the founder of Evergreen, a ministry that equips Chinese nationals to make a difference in their country, both economically and spiritually. Invited into Shanxi Province by the local government to help with social and economic needs, Evergreen’s founders continually investigate what those needs are and the most locally appropriate ways to respond to each. Over the years, what has evolved are several areas of professional service in which Evergreen employees now serve based on the needs of the community in which they live. Their outreach includes everything from medicine, rehabilitation, and public health services to agricultural projects and economic development.

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