Alphonse, Nirup

Nirup and his wife, Hannah, believe God is calling them to plant LifeGate Church in Denver, Colorado. Denver, the 15th largest city in the United States, is a growing epicenter of art, music, creativity, and culture, yet it has a spiritually-dark side. 63.3% of the population is unaffiliated with any religious body and only 12.2% of the population is affiliated with an evangelical church. The LifeGate Church plant aims to bring hope to the city and draw hearts to the real beauty and mystery of Jesus Christ.

“Our deepest desire,” Nirup shares, “is to make Jesus famous and to make heaven crowded. I know that sounds like a simple idea, but the Gospel is a simple idea. The Gospel takes us as dead and makes us alive, and ‘now that we’ve come alive’ in Jesus, the people of LifeGate Church will live with a passion to worship Jesus as King and with a mission to advance His Kingdom around the world – starting with the city of Denver.”

LifeGate’s mission is to see people made alive in Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit to advance God’s Kingdom. This will be accomplished through planting new dynamic Gospel-centered churches. The vision is to plant twenty churches in Denver, twenty churches in Colorado, twenty churches in America, and twenty churches globally.

Most people setting out on a new endeavor fear failure; Nirup and Hannah are no different. They also fear that they will be unable to raise the necessary funds, and that they won’t find people to join them in their church plant. They know, however, that God is good and that their lives are His. According to Nirup, “Our desire as a family is that God would use us in His Kingdom for the sake of the Gospel. We will be the first to tell you that we do not have it all figured out, but we are continually asking God to teach us to Trust Him. The calling on our lives is exciting, but that is not to say that we don’t experience fear and doubt. We rest on His promises and our hope is in Christ. Now, more than ever, we are learning to trust God like never before.”

Nirup and his family are constantly encouraged by the love and support of their church and the people who are praying for them. They also hear a great deal about how God is using their lives to challenge people in their calling, which has been rewarding. Right now the biggest challenges are ahead of Nirup, Hannah, and their son, Jaihan, and they are focusing on God’s word and His promises.

We invite you to be involved in the LifeGate Church plant through prayer and giving.




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