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Any way you slice it, the 46807 zip code in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is one diverse community, with a wide range of ages, races, income levels, and religious affiliations. And that’s just fine for Chris Freeman, who is slated to launch Pine Hills City Church in this neighborhood on November 13. Chris and his wife, Madison, are excited about connecting people to Jesus in this densely populated region in Fort Wayne’s central city. “We have found people in this community to be overwhelmingly receptive and supportive,” he says.

Others might see the religious diversity as a deal breaker, with Muslims, Jews, and Unitarians close by. But Chris sees an opportunity. “It’s really encouraging that people are seeking,” he says. Other challenges include schools that are struggling with poor ratings and many once-thriving churches that have actually closed their doors. For Chris, these facts can only mean one thing. “This neighborhood could use a strong evangelical church that will invest in the community in all kinds of ways.”

Pine Hills City Church, in strong partnership with Pine Hills Church, is right on track for its November launch date, with a current launch team of 53 adults and 15 – 20 kids. “Pine Hills has been really helpful,” says Chris, “sending people and resources into the heart of the city.” The only thing missing is a good location, so please be in prayer as the team approaches the launch, and be sure to look for more news about Pine Hills City Church at