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Graceway Church will be launching in the Fall of 2017 in the Auburn, Indiana area. Planting a church was the furthest thought in the mind of David and Theresa Martin just one year ago. However, the Lord began to challenge them near the end of last year to take this step of faith.

David has had the privilege of serving at Pine Hills Church for the past four years as the Spiritual Formation Pastor.  As he met with a mentor in Auburn once a month, he began to learn about some major developments and expansion pushing south toward Fort Wayne, while at the same time, Fort Wayne expanding north toward the Auburn area.  It just seemed like a good place for someone to plant a church.  The Lord made it clear over time to David and Theresa that they should be the ones to step out by faith and plant a church in the Auburn area.

Graceway Church is in the process of developing a launch team made up of five area churches within the FEC.  They have also had other churches and ministry partners come on board to encourage and support this new church planting adventure.  The launch team training will continue throughout the summer in preparation for a launch in late October or early November.

David and Theresa also lead On Track Ministries, an outreach to serve the motorsports community.  One of the lessons learned in the world of motorsports is:  No one ever crosses the finish line alone.  This is also true in the world of church planting:  It is a team effort.  Graceway Church is blessed to be a part of the church multiplication efforts of FEC and surrounded by a great team.