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Despite Marc’s idea that he would only assist in the Pine Hills Church – Kendallville (PHK)  plant, God had other plans. Marc had been on staff at Pine Hills Church–Fort Wayne for almost 5 years as the youth ministry lead, when Church Multiplication Lead, Jay Nickless approached and asked him to consider a leadership role in the development of this church plant.

As the process continued, Marc and his wife Chelsea felt led by the Holy Spirit indeed lead the PHK plant. “It’s been hard, but God has affirmed in all along the way,” Marc states. On November 8, 2015, PHK launched at Northside Elementary in Kendallville, IN. Services are held at 10:30AM on Sunday mornings at 302 East Harding Street, in Kendallville, IN.

The mission of PHK is to “Seek and save the lost by making disciples of Jesus Christ” as well as following the core values of “Bringing, Building, Sending.” “We desire to bring others into relationship with Jesus, build disciples and leaders, and send leaders into the ministry and mission,” Marc says.

PHK pours its energy and focus into a few specific areas of ministry. Sunday mornings are a major point of focus as the church continues to grow in attendance. Discipleship opportunities are available for men, women, and youth. The children’s ministry (Infant-5th) has also been a point of major excitement for PHK. This ministry is very focused on application so that children leave with a real-life understanding of the Gospel, and the ability to take home what they’ve learned at church.

Marc shared that it has been an immense joy to see the salvations that have occurred throughout the history of PHK. Many have wandered into PHK with somewhat of a connection to church but not necessarily knowing what it means to have a relationship with Jesus. Personal relationships with Christ are developing as people are seeking to understand the Gospel for themselves. Because the establishment of family is so important to the health of our society as well as to the Body of Christ, PHK aims to help marriages build their foundation on Christ, which then strengthens the relationship and produces healthy, firmly-founded families.

Outreach is also a major focus of PHK, and the church is continuing to expand their involvement within the community. PHK is seeking to serve in the community of Kendallville at least 3 Saturdays a year and also joins PHC—Fort Wayne for Engage Sunday. Other ministries that PHK supports include, Common Grace Ministries, Inc. and Life and Family Services.

To learn more about what PHK is doing in the community of Kendallville, please visit their Facebook page, or main website (, and do not hesitate to reach out to the staff by email at

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