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As early as high school, Tanner Smith knew that God had a call on his life.  He knew that God was calling him into some kind of ministry.  But, it was a trip to the East coast that opened his eyes to the reality of church planting.  During this trip, Tanner heard from church planter describe his vision for reaching the lost and the calling God had placed on his life.  Hearing this awakened God’s call in Tanner’s life.  Tanner realized that God was calling him to reach the lost and spread the Gospel through church planting.

As Tanner and the rest of his TAP (Target Analysis Process) team began to research and pray about where God might be leading them to plant a new church, it became obvious that the Quad Cities, Iowas area was this area.  “Whereever God is at work, that’s where we want to be.”  That continues to be Tanner’s belief.

With the support and encouragement of Northwoods Church and the FEC team, Tanner continues the process of assembling the team and discerning exactly where in the greater Quad Cities area God wants the new church to be planted.

Learn more about Tanner’s story by watching the video below.