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Eric and Leah Baldwin have a passion for seeing the gospel of Jesus Christ transform lives. The desire to see God made glorious by the spread of the gospel message has led them from inner city Chicago to Lawton, MI to Pittsburgh, PA. Like many other cities of the Northeast, Pittsburgh has a religious history but is a spiritually dark place. Some would call it a post-Christian city as less than 5% of the population hold evangelical Christian beliefs.

River City Church is a new church plant that is a diverse community of individuals who have been shown amazing grace. According to Pastor Eric, “Because we are recipients of God’s love, we desire to share that love with others. This means that we are not just disciples, but disciples who make disciples.” This is accomplished using the three pillars of River City Church:

  • Gospel-focused Worship – weekly worship gatherings which include expository preaching, congregational singing, and regularly taking communion
  • Gospel-formed Community – encouraging one another to live out the truths of the gospel
  • Gospel-fueled Service – meeting the needs of others inside and outside of the church

According to Pastor Eric, this pioneering work has not happened easily or quickly but they trust that it will have eternal significance. “New decisions for Christ and public professions of faith through baptism have been the greatest joys and victories of River City Church,” said Pastor Eric.

For more information regarding River City Church, please visit their website or Facebook page.