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Lyons, Kansas is a small town of roughly 3,700 people in central Kansas. Although the area is small and rural by most standards, there is a big gospel opportunity as perhaps as much as 90% of the community is unconnected to a church or clearly hearing the gospel. Like many rural communities throughout the the Midwest, there is a vague cultural sense of Christianity left over from the Methodist, Baptist, and Presbyterian era of growth. Many of those denominations are still present in Lyons but aging out of the community. The very gospel that originally propelled that growth is no longer as vitally present. The town is also experiencing a small economic renewal as community members are investing in the town center, but more help is needed.

Seeing this opportunity for the gospel, Caleb Barrows along with Paul and Ashley Brandes are planning to start a new church in Lyons in the early fall of 2020 called King’s Cross Church. The name may be familiar as the FEC already has one church named “King’s Cross” in Defiance Ohio. Caleb worked as an intern for the Defiance church several years ago and has always loved the name as it captures two central gospel themes of redemption and the kingdom.

Since they are at the very beginning stages of this church plant, the team is in the midst of learning more about Lyons, designing a philosophy of ministry, and recruiting a Launch Team. We are really excited about these upcoming months and who the Lord is going to connect us with. We are still incredibly new to the area and have a lot to learn, but already God is preparing us and others for what he wants to do in Lyons. We really long to see the Lord use this upcoming church plant as a means for gospel renewal not only in Lyons but also in the broader central Kansas area. We are eager to see people transformed into love as they themselves encounter the love of God that has clearly and fully been given to us in Jesus. We have such a rich treasure in the gospel. Lets see what God will do with it in central Kansas.