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Greg and Cara Grimwood have been called to plant a new church in Wooster, OH!

Greg was attending a seminary class when an FEC pastor overheard him talking about his hometown of Wooster, OH. He invited Greg to meet with a group of pastors to discuss planting a church. The resulting meeting was electric!

Fast forward to today: Cara and Greg have been commissioned to plant a church in Wooster’s south side. This area is home to the College of Wooster – a place with tremendous need for the gospel of Jesus. It is also home to the majority of Wooster’s poverty. It’s a place crying out for the redeeming love of Jesus Christ!

Together with the FEC coaching team, the Grimwoods have identified November 11 as their launch date! To prepare for that launch, they have been working through the FEC 5-phase process:

EXPLORE the Calling and Community (Done!)
DESIGN the DNA of the Church (Done!)
BUILD the Launch Team (currently in progress)
LAUNCH the Church (November 11 is the soft date.)
LEAD the People and Systems

The Grimwoods have a vision to see hearts warmed and lives transformed by the gospel of Jesus. The south Wooster area can be dominated by attitudes of cynicism and hopelessness. Together, the Grimwoods believe that as they share God’s love through actions, and speak God’s love through words, hearts will be warmed to Jesus! Ultimately, God’s power and grace will transform lives, marriages, and families in south Wooster!

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