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“Everybody has a place at a table.” This has become the motto at Neighborhood Church in Adrian, Michigan. Neighborhood Church is becoming a church where people who would often struggle to find a place at church can feel quickly accepted and included.

Adrian is a small, diverse town of approximately 21,000 people. Although Neighborhood Church is currently composed of seventy or so individuals, their congregation is likewise very diverse. “Our prayer has been, ‘God make us a church that reflects the city you’ve called us to,’” Nate says. Nate Hamblin and Caleb Barrows have sought to be involved within the community in various degrees, and it has been reflected within the demographic of the church. “We have communion every week to remind us of the heart of the Gospel and why it is that we all have a place at the table,” Nate shares.

“Adrian is filled with people who may have sat in a church for one reason or another but have yet to personally discover and develop life in Christ. Although almost everyone has heard of Jesus, there are still many who express an interest in spiritual things, but aren’t sure what to do with Jesus. This presents a perfect opportunity for the church to not merely be a Sunday event, but a group of people living everyday life together through Jesus. We are eager to be a church that shows Jesus love for each particular pocket and neighborhood within Adrian.”

Neighborhood Church had its beginning in January of 2016. In the past year, Neighborhood Church inherited FEC’s Church of the Good Shepherd building on East Beecher Street as the people of that congregation voted to integrate into Neighborhood Church. This new location is in one of the most asset limited neighborhoods in Adrian, and Nate shared that he is excited to begin impacting that area for the Gospel. After renovating the building, Neighborhood Church has meeting as one combined gathering at 6:00pm on Sunday evenings.

Neighborhood Church is focused on training individuals to grow in understanding and personal experience of the Gospel and then to send individuals out live out the Gospel among their neighbors in the everyday stuff of life. In so doing, they fulfill their mission to discover and develop life in Christ together. The three main aspects at the heart of Neighborhood Church are 1) Personal growth, 2) Relational Connection, and 3) Neighborhood Engagement. The congregation is encouraged to foster Christ-centered community amongst members and community alike through ministry opportunities such as midweek prayer meetings, DNA (Discover/Nurture/Act) in-home Bible study groups, and Supper Clubs. Neighborhood Church covets your prayers as they seek to continue to influence and love the community of Adrian.

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