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Despite being young in years, The Remedy Church has been making a big impact in the small town of Reading, Michigan. Jared Bignell and his wife Randi both grew up in Reading, but they never would have imagined planting a church in their hometown. Reading, Michigan has a population of about 1,000 people, and The Remedy Church has approximately 150 people in weekly attendance.

The Remedy Church had its first service in September of 2015, and since then has experienced the blessing of God as it seeks to reach the people of Reading. Services are held in the local elementary school—the center of the community. Because The Remedy does not have a building, house churches—small, intergenerational groups—are vital to the congregation. These groups meet weekly and have had a great impact on the spiritual growth and community development of The Remedy Church.

Children’s and worship ministries are major priorities at The Remedy Church. Recently, two part-time staff were hired to focus on these two facets of ministry. When planting in Reading, Jared was passionate about making sure The Remedy Church sought to impact the younger generation.

Jared states that it has been an immense joy of The Remedy Church to reach those “second chance” individuals or those who have been “de-churched” as a result of one thing or another. The Remedy Church is experiencing an increased desire for believer’s baptism and those who want to go deeper in faith. “So many people have been banging their heads against the wall praying for a church in Hillsdale County,” states Matt Boyers, head of the Tri-State Co-Op. “I was so humbled to hear that even before I had the desire to plant in Reading, people were fervently praying for my small town,” Jared says.

The Remedy Church is a result of the faithfulness of Sonlight Community Church in Angola to support Jared’s desire to plant in Reading. Jared was on staff at Sonlight for seven years before seeking to plant. Furthermore, Archbold Evangelical Church in Archbold, Ohio planted Sonlight Community Church twenty-five years ago, and the legacy of both churches is displayed in The Remedy Church plant. Please pray that The Remedy Church continues to be a light for the Gospel as it seeks to shine in the town of Reading.

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