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Located in north central Spain and southwest France, Basque Country is home to approximately three million people who have a strong sense of identity, are industrious and hardworking, and possess a desire for freedom. Multiple languages are spoken within this autonomous people group, but the mainstream line of thinking is that to be Basque is to speak the Basque language (approximately 1 million people).

The Basque region spans four provinces in Spain (2 autonomous regions), and 3 provinces in France. However, in general, inhabitants do not consider themselves to be either Spanish or French, but rather Basque people living in Basque Country.

The FEC team in Basque Country desires to be a part of the Basque community and to find ways to be of valuable service in their communities. Although the Basque language is very difficult to learn for native English speakers, team members recognize the importance of knowing and using the Basque language and are diligently working on this task on a daily basis.

Spiritually the Basque Country is very much in need of true Christ followers. To discover more about the spiritual need of the Basque Country you can watch this video.

What is the vision in Basque Country?

The ultimate goal of FEC’s involvement in Basque Country is a multiplying movement of reproducing communities of Christ-followers among the Basque. As team members continue to assimilate into Basque culture, they diligently seek relationship opportunities that would further connect them with the Basque community. They seek Basque individuals who demonstrate an interest in God and in reading His Word that will open the door for discovery Bible groups led by Basque people. These discovery Bible groups are the building blocks to a disciple making movement (see the cycle below).

How can we be involved?

Prayer is a powerful tool, and is one that the Basque team greatly prioritizes. Disciple making movements begin with extraordinary prayer as the foundation. Our desire is a movement of thousands praying for the Basque people. We firmly believe in the power prayer has for igniting a movement of Basque people reaching Basque people for the Kingdom of God. For more information regarding the prayer ministry taking place for the Basque, please visit

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