The Fellowship of Evangelical Churches is thrilled to unveil the FEC Legacy Fund (FLF), a new way for supporters to invest in FEC initiatives and related ministries. Doug Bernath, an independent financial advisor who serves as vice chair of the Christian Service Foundation (CSF) and member of the FLF board, explains: “In the past,” says Doug, “if you wanted to give long-term money to FEC, the only place it could be invested was in a certificate at CSF, which tends to lose value over time due to inflation.” Now, thanks to the new FEC Legacy Fund, endowed gifts can grow through a diversified and solidly managed portfolio. The new fund will also enable FEC to take advantage of educational grants from large institutions.


“The FLF is a necessary step for FEC to develop and grow education,” Doug says. It’s also a viable option for estate planning. In fact, the FLF has been established with a long-term focus, as compared to CSF investments, which have shorter-term goals, such as providing loans to FEC churches and initiatives. “If you want to give FEC a gift, one that will not only disburse earnings but also increase those earnings over time,” explains Doug, “the FEC Legacy Fund is a great option.” Contributors can also designate their gift to be disbursed among any of FEC-related ministries, such as Miracle Camp, LifeChange Camp, or Salem4Youth.


For more information about this powerful new giving tool, contact Dave Teat, Christian Service Foundation president, at (260) 423-3649.