This illustration is called The Envelopes.

It starts with an envelope that represents you. On the outside of the envelope is written the word You. Before you asked Christ into your life you were in bondage to sin. You had no defense before God but yourself.

Next, the You envelope is placed inside an envelope marked Jesus. When you responded to Jesus, you received His forgiveness and your identity rested in Him. In John 10:30, Jesus said, “I and the Father are one.”

Lastly, the envelope marked Jesus is slipped into an envelope marked God. Your identity is now rooted in God through Christ. You are hidden in Christ.  We read in Galatians 2:20, “It is no longer I who lives but Christ who lives in me.”  Ephesians 2:5-6 tells us, “ … by grace you have been saved … and raised us up with him and seated us with him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.”

Trust God with your new identity. As you trust God with your identity you need to remember that it’s not what you feel that shapes your identity – it’s what God says about you. Satan loves to come and attack your sense of identity. But think about the envelope illustration: If Satan wants to get to you or me he has to go through God and then Christ. Doesn’t that make you feel secure? Trust God with your identity. No matter what you’ve done and no matter how you feel, trust God with your identity.

When you and I responded to Jesus in faith, we received our new identity. Our identity is now rooted in Him and all He has done. Our identity is no longer defined by what we’ve done and how we feel. We have received His forgiveness. We have received His righteousness. Our identity is now rested in Him. We are adopted into His family. Galatians 3:26 says, “For in Christ you are all sons of God.” We are now His children. We are able to call God “Abba Father” (Romans 8:15).

Trust God with your identity!

Have a great week …

Pastor Glyn