On Sunday, November 11, 2018, Pine Hills City Church, Fort Wayne, Indiana, marked their second anniversary and baptized eight people. Four of those individuals live at either the Fort Wayne Rescue Mission or Charis House, homes for men and women who are experiencing a homeless crisis. In that significant moment, the people of City Church saw their mission portrayed, “to see the city of Fort Wayne completely transformed by the love and grace of Jesus Christ.”

City Church has already made an impact on the community around it. Early on, they partnered with Harrison Hill Elementary School. As a school partner, church members have put on a school carnival, hosted staff appreciation celebrations, and found ways to volunteer. As part of their Love in Action initiative, they conducted a food drive to supply students with food during the Christmas break.

Another way that City Church members are making an impact in the community is through involvement with Four:10 Ministries, an outreach to people who work in the local adult entertainment industry. Through the outreach, several women who work in exotic dance clubs have come to the church. Not only are women being impacted, but a club bouncer began attending and gave his life to serve Jesus Christ.

Since Easter 2018, City Church has been meeting at The Summit on the south side of Fort Wayne to accommodate the approximately 450 people who attend each week. About 100 of those attendees have turned to faith in Jesus Christ since coming to the church. Because of their location, they are a multiethnic church. On any given Sunday, a listener may hear English, Spanish, Filipino, French, Igbo, or Portuguese spoken in the hallways before and after worship. City Church is becoming a beautiful blend of Fort Wayne and the body of Christ in the heart of the city.