God has been working through FEC churches and individuals to build His Kingdom around the world in a variety of ways. We desire to bring Him praise by recognizing and celebrating the Kingdom-building footprint that FEC has the privilege to take part in. As you look through the listing of Global Footprint Personnel, we encourage you to partner with them as God leads.

Are We Missing Someone?

If you or someone you know qualifies as FEC Footprint Personnel, please click the button below to fill out our application. We would love to add to our listing. Our qualifications are simple:

  • Sent out for ministry by your local FEC church
    • Member of your church
    • Growing disciple of Christ
    • Have the ability, experience, and competence to do the ministry they are being sent to do
  • Recommended by the FEC Home Church for recognition as Global Ministry Personnel
  • Working through an established agency (guidelines are available upon request)
  • Ministry is considered the primary focus
  • Committed to long term service (minimum 3 years)
  • Local church has an investment in their ministry
Online Application