The initiatives of FEC begin with the heartbeat and passions of the FEC local church. The local church does the work of the ministry, sends the people, and supports the initiatives. From this starting point, the collective ministry of FEC and its worldwide footprint is calculated. FECs structure has three main components:

  • The first is the ministry personnel for the worldwide ministry of the FEC local churches. Ministry personnel are sent and resourced by the local church, and are accountable to the sending FEC church and to the agency through which the local church is sending the ministry personnel.
  • The second is the FEC Office. The responsibility of the FEC Offices is to:
    • Provide organizational support
    • Support and nurture local leadership
    • Keep the church healthy by working through FEC local church leadership
    • Facilitate and enhance communication between FEC local churches
  • The third component is initiatives driven by the local church. These initiatives are the strategic plans the FEC local church or the FEC Office have made to establish reproducing churches. They grow out of the desires of an FEC local church or a partnership between multiple FEC Churches.

Visit our Ministries page for a current list of FEC Initiatives that individuals and churches are encouraged to support.  The focus of these initiatives is to establish reproducing churches.