Spreading The Gospel to West Afric & Beyond

How oral translation of the Word of God is transforming the people of West Africa

Based in Kédougou, Senegal, the West Africa Initiative is seeing growth as village trips to Mali continue to produce a seeking spirit amongst the Yalunka people. Because the mission of the West Africa Initiative is to establish reproducing communities of Christ-followers among the Yalunka people and beyond, this interest in the Gospel has been of much encouragement to our initiative team.

One of the main facets of this ministry is to implement oral translation and story-telling to share the good news of the Gospel with the Yalunka people. The Yalunka people are largely pre-literate, and because of this, stories are the primary method of which to spread God’s Word. Many traditional villages have extended invitations for the WAI team to share these stories and have demonstrated an extreme hunger for the Gospel. Much to the joy of the team, these village trips to Mali have resulted in believer’s baptisms, a new church development by the Yalunka people, and additional salvations as the Yalunka people minister to one another.

New believers are asking questions about God’s Word and how to effectively follow the Lord within a Muslim culture. These individuals strongly desire discipleship, and because of this, the West Africa team is developing various oral training methods to assist new Christ-followers in deepening their faith. This has proven to be a new challenge for the WAI team due to a full teaching and village trip travel schedule. The West Africa team is praying for God to raise up new team members to join in the work occurring in West Africa.

Additionally, the West Africa team enjoys a great relationship with the Evangelical Mennonite Church of Burkina Faso (EMC-BF). This relationship has been mutually beneficial as both groups have sought to serve one another for the sake of the expansion of the Gospel. EMC-BF has sent groups of individuals to accompany the WAI village trips, and WAI has provided leadership training for EMC-BF. EMC-BF hosted a two-week training seminar benefiting both ministries. The WAI team desires to continue to invest into this relationship, and looks forward to how this partnership can benefit the people they serve.

The West Africa team covets your prayers as they seek to better serve and minister to the Yalunka people and beyond. Please pray that the team is able to grow in their ability to provide opportunities for individuals to deepen their faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ.