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Bringing in the Harvest

Written by Ashley Freytag, West Africa Initiative Team Member We, my teammates and I, have another teammate that maybe you have not heard much of. He is a Yalunka man with a powerful testimony to [...]

Start the Year Off Right with a Youth Investment Account

Most parents of young children realize the benefits of saving for their children’s future. At the same time, many Christian parents also hope to teach their children the value of investing in God’s kingdom. With [...]

Why I’m Planting a Church

Written by Chris Freeman, Dayton Initiative Church Planter Last week I shared a blog post about leaving a really incredible church to plant a new church. For some of you, I'm sure that you have lots [...]

Skye Jethani

Speaker, consultant, pastor & author Skye Jathani helps us to understand how to reach millennials with the Gospel followed by a panel discussing how we can reach the next generation with the Gospel.