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“To cooperatively plant churches by sharing resources—time, people, and dollars” is the mission of the Tri-State Co-Op, a Midwest church-multiplication center consisting of churches within Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. The Tri-State Co-Op seeks to maintain a simple, concise approach to church-planting.

Currently composed of seven churches (while looking to add 1-2 new churches in the near future), the Tri-State Co-Op has proven that much can be done when seeking to join together in unity. Churches in the Co-Op aim to manage personal growth by multiplying to new plants. Before the beginning of the Co-Op, King’s Cross Church was planted as a cooperative effort between Crossroads Church and Archbold Evangelical Church. Within the past two and a half years that the Co-Op has been in existence, Wave Community Church, The Remedy Church, and Neighborhood Church have been born.

Each of the Co-Op churches seeks to elevate the value of church-planting and is committed to communicating this necessity within individual congregations. Each church also commits to giving 1-2% of its yearly income to support the Co-Op in church-planting initiatives.

Additionally, church leaders are prayerfully striving to identify church planters. It has been a joyful experience to see leaders continuously arising from Co-Op congregations with strong desires to plant churches. A Co-Op church, Crossroads Church in Wauseon, Ohio, has a unique training residency for church-planters, a resource of which the Tri-State Co-Op takes advantage. Diversity is an aim of the Co-Op, and each planting pastor has freedom to utilize his various strengths and passions to develop his congregation to meet the needs of the given demographic. The relational connections that are developed as a result of the Co-Op have led to a sharing of resources as churches continue to network and connect in purpose, mission, and heart. Please continue to pray as this Co-Op seeks to spread the Gospel to the Midwest region.

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